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Who we are
As a specialist in BIO-technology, LABIO is focusing to find the Extremophile and bring our the dermatological benefits through the cell engineering, and enhance the benefits through the optimum fermentation technology..

LABIO keeps researching the various extremophiles and analyze each genome to find the best way for the sustainable development and application in terms of cosmetics.
We believe our ‘Fermentology’ is not just the most innovative, but also it is the most eco-friendly technology as well.
Extremophiles Extremophiles

It is species of micro-organism living in very unusual circumstance, owing to its special character like acid-loving, thermo-loving, cold-loving, dry-loving, etc. It is exactly opposite character when comparing the usual micro-organism, and so it can give more benefits to the human skin against the harmful circumstance through the proper way of application .

  • Metabolome

    It is the concept after Microbiome, which is referring the metabolites from micro-organism. Rather than micro-organism, metabolite can affect directly to the skin

  • Fermentology

    It is simply Fermentation Technology, which is to use and control fermentation process scientifically with the exact predictability, enhancing the benefits while removing any side-effect

  • Cell engineering
    Cell engineering

    In cosmetics field, it is practically most important step to bring the benefits from the cellular level to the real cosmetics