LABIO Newsletter vol.34] LABIO 'COOLIN' won the Best Poster Presentation Award of the Korean Cosmetics Association

LABIO 'COOLIN' won the Best Poster Presentation Award of the
2023.12.19 LABIO Vol.34
Photo courtesy of The K Beauty Science
LABIO 'COOLIN' won the Best Poster Presentation Award of the Korean Cosmetics Association
LABIO participated in the regular general meeting and fall conference of the Korea Cosmetics Association held at The K Hotel on November 16. About 750 people participated, and LABIO participated in the poster presentation section of the conference with three research results : COOLIN, Shieldoil, and BeBebioome.
A total of 121 public poster presentations participated in this public poster presentation, and seven were selected for the Outstanding Poster Awards. Among them, COOLIN, developed by Joon seok - Baek, a senior researcher at LABIO, was selected.
COOLIN is a raw material for preventing heat aging in summer using LABIO's fermentation technology
Minimize heat damage and aging by lowering skin temperature
COOLIN, selected as an excellent poster, is a shield mushroom fermentation extract developed by combining with LABIO own fermentation technology and is a component that prevents aging due to heat and minimizes skin aging caused by ultraviolet rays. In general, it is good to keep the skin temperature at 31℃, but the temperature increases due to the influence of the surrounding environment. Various inflammations may occur and heat aging may progress as a result of this.
LABIO conducted a skin clinical study to verify the effectiveness of suppressing heat aging, and it was confirmed that the skin temperature decreased by 2.63 degrees on average in 30 minutes. If you are curious about the product introduction and article, please press the button below.
That's all for today's newsletter
LABIO will continue to innovate skin health by finding, researching, and developing more materials in nature. If you are curious about LABIO fermentation technology and various raw materials applied, please feel free to contact LABIO.
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