LABIO Newsletter vol.45] Your hair confidence BIO-Placenta hair

Five synthetic growth factors and improved scalp health
2024.06.25 LABIO Vol.45
LABIO participated in the ICI Cosmetics Raw Materials Exhibition held in Indonesia in May. The raw material of LABIO introduced at this ICI exhibition is BIO-Placenta Hair. It is a raw material that helps hair growth and improves scalp health by using five synthetic growth factors.
Growth factors are substances used for cell-to-cell signal transmission, and when applied to the scalp, cell-to-cell signal transmission function is improved, promoting cell division, and helping hair growth such as epithelial cell differentiation, hair matrix cells differentiation, hair follicle reinforcement, and vascular production.
When evaluating HDP cell differentiation, BIO-Placenta Hair promotes better differentiation of HDP cells compared to MNX 10 μM. In addition, you can see distinct hair growth 5 days after applying BIO-Placenta Hair. If you are curious about BIO-Placenta Hair, click the link below to learn more.