LABIO Newsletter vol.44] Finding the right temperature for my skin

-2.63℃ COOLIN to cool down
2024.06.12 LABIO Vol.44
The ideal temperature for the skin is 30 to 32 degrees Celsius, but if the temperature is too high, the skin will deteriorate due to the effects of free oxygen, which will accelerate cell aging and cause more trouble. Finding the right skin temperature is very important to prevent these problems.
COOLIN is a fermented extract of Albatrellus Confluens, which shows Anti-inflammatory effects through Labio's fermentation technology and provides calming effects to heated skin due to heat, and is a raw material that can be expected to have an ultimate Anti-aging effect.
Through clinical trials, COOLIN has confirmed the effect of inhibiting the expression of factors related to thermal aging by 40% and immediately reducing the temperature of the skin. If you are curious about the details, please check the PPT data below :)